Five ways to use DECO's NEW Rust-Look Finish

Does the weathered, earthy-look of rusted steel appeal to you? With the recent launch of our new rust-look finish, DECO explored five unique applications to inspire your next project. Create a statement and embrace the unique characteristics of Corten steel with these ideas for rust-look aluminium.  


Battens are a popular product in the design industry, often boasting warm, natural timber looks to create contemporary features or designer privacy screens. They are even used for sun and light control. However, now you can swap traditional timber look battens with DecoVogue’s newest range of rust finishes. Create an industrial-inspired modern masterpiece with eye-catching vertical or horizontal designs with our series of one or two-piece battens finished in one of our four rust-look colours – perfect for walls, ceilings and façades. 


Industrial style continues to be a big hit in the design world. It looks great, is functional and is now even easier to achieve with the new range of colours. Rusted metals such as steel bring the industrial charm into your space, however, logistically steel is very heavy and inflexible. With DECO’s new rust-look applied to aluminium flat sheets, you can enjoy a lighter, more flexible solution than Corten weathered steel. 

You’ll love it if… you’re a fan of industrial style, or looking for a product that is functional with distinctive character.
Team it with… raw materials, such as brick, wood and concrete accents. A monochrome palette of black, white and grey also looks fabulous. 


Design Inspiration from Pinterest: QLA Interiors LTD


Aluminium is available in thousands of extrusions and profiles and can be used to create many interesting products. The rust-look is a great finish for aluminium planter boxes, privacy screens or garden dividers – making an attractive feature for your outdoor living areas and home. 

Bonus ideas:

- Apply rust finish to DecoSlat for a rust-look gate or fence 

- Need some extra privacy? Use perforated panels as a privacy screen finished in the charming rust look 


Design Inspiration from Pinterest: Dwell


The beautiful patina of rust has become increasingly popular with architects and designers for the unique look and feel it brings to a building. When used right, an exterior rusted feature can complement its environment and natural surroundings, providing different tones and shades to create textural and visual interest. DecoClad’s light-weight aluminium cladding system finished in the DecoVogue rust-look finish replicates the natural look of real weathered steel, providing an effortless alternative to heavy steel products with no run off and an instant rust effect. Furthermore, DecoClad is non-combustible and complies with BAL 40 fire zones or BAL FZ Flame Zone specifications when installed with a fire barrier product.


Design Inspiration from Pinterest: FaulknerBrowns Architects


Make a bold statement by using the new rust-look finish on your garage door. The rust-look can be applied to both DecoClad and DecoBatten as well as aluminium flat sheets, providing a wide range of styles to enhance the exterior aesthetics of a home. DECO recommends pairing with solid, neutral colours to bring out the bold, earthy tones of our rust-look finish. 

The Rust-look is available early 2020. For more information please contact the friendly team at DECO on 02 9603 1888 or click here


The Rust-Look is Here

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